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Our Benefits

Learning and growing are enriched when you gather a diverse group of professional women by publicly sharing your aspirations and goals. In our real-time Whats App Group, we open the doors to opportunity, hold each other accountable, and celebrate success.


Gain open access to a wide range of professions, skill sets and business services. Open doors for opportunities, connect with leaders and leverage social capital. On our monthly Zoom calls, we also schedule time for breakout sessions to allow members to connect and share with each other in a more intimate group.

Business Scaling

Broaden your network and raise your own profile through WBTT's monthly calls and social media platforms. WBTT will feature you and your business on its Website, Social Media accounts, and even on its Podcast.

Education/Hone Your Skills

Unlike other networks that offer yearly summits, conferences or workshops, we commit monthly to inviting a speaker to help our members build business skills and knowledge. Speakers' Presentation PowerPoints are stored for members to revisit and each call is recorded.

WBTT WhatsApp Group

Access to real-time, daily interactions with group members, who provide inspiration, advice and share opportunities and offers.


Access to a Membership Directory of professional women and to the WBTT Google Drive. Resources include: speaker presentation PowerPoints and notes, monthly call recordings, recaps, agendas, book recommendations and podcast sign-ups.


Join a supportive, purposeful, and inclusive community of trailblazing women who champion each other in reaching our greatest potential. Not only will you gain authority and self-confidence, but you will also have the ability to support other women on their journey and facilitate mutual accountability.

WBTT Experience

Being that we already offer monthly speakers and educational calls, we are not bogged down in having all of our events being summits and conferences like you may see in other networking groups. Instead, we have the luxury of tailoring all of our in-person events to be more about enjoying each others' company while having fun - because we all deserve it!

"Women Beyond the Table is a community of women who are all about making positive changes and offering support."
WBTT Member, Allison Marean
"An amazing community of powerhouse beautiful women that support each other, especially in challenging situations where the love is so immense."
WBTT Member, Brigette Sobus
"Women Beyond the table is a group dedicated to women who are committed to growing their businesses and themselves."
WBTT Member, Teresa Vozza


By joining our women's networking group, you are connecting with leaders, leveraging your social capital, gaining authority and confidence and staying informed.
connect with women in leadership roles; professional, successful women
our marketing can help your business too; our women's networking group helps each other grow
network with other professional and successful women in business and female entrepreneurs
stay informed by leveraging off of each others' knowledge

Connect with industry experts.

The women who join the WBTT Business Network are leaders. They are experts who grow and succeed with knowledge found out of the box. They are doers and innovators who positively impact those around them.


Is that you, too? If you are a doer striving to move forward, here is your opportunity to do it with a new set of allies, friends and experts across industries, services and skill-sets that can help you to scale up.

Gain Access

Gain access to our business & networking member directory.

The directory is a networking resource of bios and contact information. It ensures all members can easily connect with the talented, professional businesswomen and their business services that make up WBTT.

Our members benefit from having access to a multitude of resources.

  • Enhanced Social Media Presence

  • Monthly Speaker Opportunities for Credibility

  • Monthly Blogging Spotlights with Backlinks to Individual Websites

  • Over 800 Downloads in the First Season of Our Podcast

  • Active Real-Time Connection on WhatsApp for Sharing Services, Projects and Workshops

  • Growing In-Person Events and Fostering Lasting Relationships

  • Bi-Monthly Informative WBTT Newsletters with Discounted Advertising Opportunities

  • Online and In-Person Workshops (coming soon)

Membership to our women's networking group grants you access to our WhatsApp chat, where members support and motivate each other.


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