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Offering Something More

Welcoming & Diverse

Learning and growing comes from bringing in a diverse group of women with different goals. By publicly sharing our aspirations and goals each year and as we join, we open the doors to opportunity to engage with each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate the successes!


Gain open access to a wide range of professions, skill sets and business services.


Access to the WBTT SOUL TRIBE BIO DIRECTORY and GOOGLE DRIVE which includes speaker presentations and notes, recaps, agendas, book recommendations and podcast sign-ups.


Business Scaling

Broaden your network and raise your own profile through WBTT's monthly calls and social media platforms. WBTT will feature you and your business on its Website, Social Media accounts, and even on its Podcast.

Education / Hone Your Skills

Build your business skills and knowledge by attending our speaker presentations scheduled every second month.


Join a supportive, purposeful, and inclusive community of trailblazing women who champion each other in reaching our greatest potential.

WBTT WhatsApp Group

Access to real time daily interactions with group members, who provide business advice and inspiration.

WBTT Experience

Inside access and pricing to our annual RETREAT!


Diana Jarrett_Speaking-UPWC_edited.jpg

Just one aspect of WBT is the sense of community I feel. This is key to women like myself whose work requires a solitary focused environment.

Diana Jarrett

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