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Each month we highlight a member of Women Beyond the Table. The reason being is that our members are exceptional, doing extraordinary work and giving back.  We recognize our members and celebrate them because we are beyond a network, we are a community dedicated to accelerating professional success and personal growth.

Check out our members...

Each of our members bring something unique to the table.  In our WBTT Business Directory, you can see what each of our members has to offer by viewing their line of business and bios, all broken down into industry categories.

Debbie Laino

Life Coach

Ageless Woman Movement

Debbie Laino is a certified transformational coach, mom of 6, grammie to 4 grandsons, and a dog mom to her beloved rescue, Louie.  She pursued her lifelong “dream career” in the health & wellness field later in life at age 59.  Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia at age 69, which led to further her education in brain health. Debbie’s life experiences and her personal health & wellness journey is what motivated her to become a coach and a speaker on all things health related.  While approaching her late 60’s, in 2018, she started her FB group: “The Ageless Woman Movement” with the mission to transform our mindset towards the aging process. Debbie supports and empowers women over 40 to transcend their life traumas and limiting beliefs and become their best selves.   Debbie’s motto: When you change the way you look at things….the things you look at change!

Mae Caime Image.jpg

Mae Caime

Action Coach & Founder

Amaezing Midlife

Mae Caime is a timeless visionary and dynamic CEO with over 35 years of experience in building multimillion-dollar health enterprises.  Her formal titles include Registered Nurse, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Treasurer to Blue Star Moms NY6, and MS. New York Senior America 2023. Today, as an action coach and founder of Amaezing Midlife where Mae encourages women to embark on a journey of self-discovery, navigate transformative paths, establish healthy boundaries, indulge in guilt-free self-care, and pursue soulful fulfillment—all while gaining the confidence and courage to effect positive changes.  Her success as an event director & retreat keynote speaker has her audience engaged, whether it is for fundraising events or for her own annual aMaezing Midlife and Beyond Women’s Summit, there is always a great take away. As an eternal optimist, Mae discovered age-defying benefits in body, mind, and soul despite facing challenges like Lupus and Hashimoto's and loves sharing her secret recipe for well-being. Community service is integral to Mae's identity, and she finds immense joy in participating in medical missions worldwide. Through charitable organizations, she makes a difference by providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care to children, women and men. Her commitment is unwavering—to inspire, support, and remind women that it is never too late to live vibrantly, with fulfillment and purpose.

Leesa Ferrell

Director of Employee Development


Leesa Ferrell is the Director of Employee development at Equature, a cutting-edge software company and she has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world where she has overseen HR, Administration, and Property Management Team; helping them scale professionally.    . Leesa’s management expertise and years of work in the field along with her core and deeply rooted belief that within every individual lies the seeds of leadership waiting to be cultivated,  led her to pursue certification in Life and Leadership coaching. Leesa is an enthusiastic equestrian and avid gardener. Her love for horses and nature mirrors her coaching philosophy – leading with empathy, patience, and a deep-seated respect for the growth process. At the intersection of personal development and professional excellence, Leesa is a guiding light, leading professional women to reinvent, design and discover their own paths to leadership and success.  Whether in the stirrup, garden, corporate world or her coaching practice, her commitment to growth is what defines Leesa and a true mentor and leader.

Leesa Ferrell .jpg
Brigette Sobus  Update Image.jpg

Brigette Sobus

Professional Certified Coach

International Coaching Federation

Brigette had her first experience with transforming businesses in 2005 when she began working with a struggling salon.  Within 3 years, she turned this salon into a top-ranking establishment with a more than 30% increase in revenue.  She even earned the salon a place in Salon Today Magazine’s Top 200 Salons for Best Practices in North America. After that, she was hooked on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and overcome their struggles. Brigette is now a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.  She prides herself on her commitment to up leveling her practice and has achieved several additional certifications. Master and Trainer of NLP Coach, Master and Trainer of NLP Practitioner, Master and Trainer of Timeline Therapy, Master and Trainer of Hypnosis, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach Certification. Brigette is known as a Power and Joy Mentor.  She guides her clients from a place of non-fulfillment and frustration to a place of empowerment and success through her Power and Joy Mentorship Program.  Brigette combines the knowledge and mindset of an entrepreneur with the expertise of coaching.  She walks the walk.

Esther Fortunoff-Greene


Fortunoff Fine Jewelry

Esther Fortunoff-Greene, CEO of Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, comes from a long line of trailblazing female entrepreneurs. Her 30-year career began as a member of the third generation in her family’s stores in the New York Tristate area. Fortunoff, “The Source,” was one of America’s most successful privately held department stores, founded a century ago in Brooklyn by Esther’s grandparents, Max and Clara. Esther was instrumental in transforming Fortunoff into the go-to store for millions of discerning shoppers. As chief jewelry merchant she made numerous trips to the diamond cutting centers of Bombay, Tel Aviv and Antwerp and jewelry hubs in Italy, Thailand and Hong Kong.  As owner of , Esther continues to buy precious gemstones, diamonds and pearls, and designs and manufactures proprietary jewelry collections. She also works with clients to design custom items and re-style older pieces. Esther is especially passionate about working with and supporting women designers and professionals. Esther is a board member of the Long Island Association, The Safe Center LI (which helpsvictims of domestic violence and child abuse), and The Fortunoff Video Archive of Holocaust Testimony at Yale University. The Fortunoff family recently launched the Helene FortunoffScholarship for women in retail jewelry. Esther also serves as chair of the board of Mabou Mines NYC, one of America’s oldest avant-garde theatre companies.  Esther resides in New York with her husband, Joshua.

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