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Special Event: Illusion and The Art of Manifestation Workshop with Alena Chapman Copy

This is a special collaboration event with WBTT member, Alena Chapman.

E. manifestation event for women

Do you have a dream that can't wait? An urgent goal calling your name?
Perhaps there's someone special you're longing for? Is there a goal burning
within you, demanding your attention in the upcoming year? Time is of the
essence – act now!

Everyone “wants” but very few understand how to achieve.
We are told if we work hard then it will come. Build it and they will Come.
However, after many, many attempts to “build it” and it doesn’t come.

So, are you ready for something different?
Are you ready to know what the 3% of those that do achieve their dreams

If so, you want to be a participant at ILLUSION and the art of

Only at this powerful and unique Illusion and the art of Manifestation
Workshop will you receive the
* Understanding of the 3 key concepts of MANIFESTATION
* Learn the “tool” to creating the life you want so much
* Activate right away, with Alenas guidance, to Manifest.
* Work with others and even collaborate – you all want to Manifest!

Mastermind Lunch with the Women Beyond the Table:
Connection and Reflection

Once you understand the 3 key concepts of the Illusion and the art of
MANIFESTATION You will Never feel “stuck” again. You will Never feel
you can’t Manifest again. You will Never be left wanting any more.
The art of manifestation Will be mastered by you.
You Will have a greater understanding of this life and world.
You Will acquire your dreams and dream more dreams into reality.
You Will celebrate a life filled with Abundance, Joy, and Prosperity!



We had a blast exploring our power at this full day event!!

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