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women supporting each other

About Us

Women Beyond the Table changes the networking paradigm because being different is in our DNA. We take a holistic approach to female networking. By leveraging our social capital, we provide access to services that female entrepreneurs and business owners need to scale and stay relevant in today’s fast paced and ever-changing landscape.

Our Mission

Our goal is to synergistically build something more significant in business and increase abundance in all areas of our lives.



How WBTT came about...

Our Founder, Tammy Cohen, did not have a plan or map to start a global networking group nor a strategy of how it would unfold when she had the first call during the pandemic.


The drive to do this came from a vision of King Arthurs’ Knights of The Round Table. But in her mind, the knights were strong and purposeful women who owned the table and the space beyond the table. She saw women’s inherent strength, skillsets, capabilities, and drive as a force in leveraging social capital and forming more profound connections.

professional women's networking group of women in leadership roles, female entrepreneurs and women in business

Personal & Professional Development.

Because we attract members worldwide, our monthly meetings take place on Zoom and include guest speakers who educate and inform our members so that they can bridge the gap between success in business and personal development.

Discover the Difference

Together we have built an intentional, inclusive community and safe space for female entrepreneurs and women in leadership to connect, share and acquire knowledge. We champion each other to achieve our goals and reach our highest potential.

Meet The Team

female entrepreneur

Tammy Cohen

Brand Messaging

WBTT Founder, Co-Chair & Podcast Host

successful businesswoman

Lucy Pesticcio

Sales & Branding Expert

WBTT Co-Chair

female entrepreneur

Meg King

Meg King Coaching & Consulting

WBTT Co-Chair & Event Coordinator

successful woman in business

Maggie Miller

Development Officer

Weill Cornell Medicine

WBTT Resources & SR Advisor

professional woman

Caryn Baruch

Neuro Change Practitioner

WBTT Sponsor & Partnerships Advisor & Podcast Host

professional woman

Victoria Vandagriff

WBTT Moderator and Advisory Board

woman in leadership

Stacey Abrahams

Independent Consultant

Rodan & Fields

WBTT Speakers Lineup

woman in marketing leadership

Debbie Oster


Entrepreneur's Edge

WBTT Marketing Consultant and Advisory Board

female entrepreneur marketer

Andrea Feinberg


Marketing That Rocks

WBTT Marketing Strategy and Advisory Board

female entrepreneur

Jackie Ghedine

Executive Coach, Consultant & Co-Founder

Modern Gen X Woman & MGXW Consulting

WBTT Advisory Board

woman in leadership role

Mimi Bishop

Executive Coach, Consultant & Co-Founder

Modern Gen X Woman & MGXW Consulting

WBTT Advisory Board

professional woman

Christine Gonzalez

WBTT Operations & Development

professional woman

Selena Dufrene


Florida State College at Jacksonville

WBTT Social Media Manager

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