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About Us

Our Mission:

We live in a time where women no longer strive for a seat at the table, but in a time where our strengths, skills and accomplishments move us beyond the table.

Women Beyond the Table (WBTT) is a business network with a soul. Each one of our members brings a unique skill set to the table, and together, by pooling our knowledge, we help advance each other.

Whether it is building a business, providing solutions and services, accessing our inner leader, or just being each other's sounding board, we are aligned to create a space of trust and understanding without judgment. The goal is to synergistically build something more significant in business and increase abundance in all areas of our lives.

We are a purposeful, inclusive community and safe space for empowered, trailblazing women to connect, share and acquire knowledge. We champion each other to achieve our goals and rise to our highest potential.

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Tammy Cohen

Founder / Co-chair 
New York, USA

Lucy Pesticcio 

London, UK 

Our Executive Team:

"Building a welcoming culture and community in which we can all learn, develop and empower one another, is exactly what Women Beyond the Table is all about.

What a pleasure it is to co-chair a network of so many talented, driven and ambitious women!"

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