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The WBT is growing at a phenomenal rate; as such, your chairs are continually working to build structure and improve operational procedures.

The following are updated guidelines and protocols for membership, Soul Tribe Directory, committees and services.


For Membership: the process starts with being invited to join a call.  After attending the call, the New Member Committee sends the candidate a follow up thank you and asks if the candidate is interested in becoming WBT member.  If yes, the committee then sends the Women Beyond the Table official Manifesto along with a WBT Membership Questionnaire form.


  • It is up to the candidate to return their completed membership questionnaire in a timely manner and to the New Member Committee.  A Calendar Zoom link, for the next call will not be sent if the candidate does not return a completed questionnaire. 


For the Soul Tribe Directory: once the membership questionnaire form is received, the new member committee sends the Soul Tribe Bio Committee the contact details of the new member.  The Soul Tribe Committee then contacts the new member to request a  1-3 paragraph BIO, 1-2 sentences of what the member would like to start or achieve in 2021 and a headshot.


  • It is up to the new member to send their Bio, intention, and headshot to the Soul Tribe Committee.  Access to the WBT Google Share Drive and Soul Tribe Directory will not be given until the requested items are received. 


For the WhatsApp Group:  Once the above is completed, the member is added to the WhatsApp chat group.


To Maintain WBT Membership: part of becoming a member is accountability.  We rely on each other and are here to help each other.  We do understand that everyone is super busy which is why there is only 1 monthly 60–75-minute call.  If you cannot make the call, please message one of the Chairs.


  • It is the members responsibility to show up for the calls, if a member misses 2 calls in a row ( 2 months straight), they will be removed from receiving meeting call links and other developments.  To be “reinstated”, when the commitment can be made to attend, please message any of the Chairs.


For Joining a Committee: as noted, the group is a work in progress and part of the process is creating structure and providing meaningful discussions, education, opportunities, and experiences.  Nothing is more powerful than when a group of women get together and make things happen.  If anyone has any idea for a committee that they are interested in forming, please bring it.  If there is an existing committee that you are interested in joining – please email the committee lead.  The committees are listed in the Google drive and the committee lead is the first name listed. 


  • Please note that if you do join an existing committee or create a committee, there is a time commitment, and the work is on a volunteer basis.  If you cannot take on the responsibility, just let your team know.


For Providing Business Services:  each member has specialized skill sets and expertise in their field. The goal is for our members to provide each other business services.  


  • If there is a member you want to contact for services, please contact them directly; everyone’s contact info is listed in the Soul Tribe Bio Directory.  You can also place a request for services in the Whats app group or in the chat box during the monthly call.  

  • Please do not expect a member to provide services at no charge.  Please work out fees directly.

  • If you refer a member’s services to a colleague outside of the group, please do not give out any members' contact details without asking that member their permission first. 

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