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women standing together showing female leadership and women in leadership
A Women's Networking Group for Professional Women

Women Beyond the Table

We are a business network with a soul.  By joining our women's networking group, you will embrace the opportunity to connect with a group of proactive, awesome women who are taking their business and life to the next level.

Each of us brings a unique skill set to the table, and together, by pooling our knowledge, we can help each other. Whether it is building a business, finding solutions and services, finding your inner leader, or just being each other's sounding board, we are in alignment to create an environment of trust and understanding. The goal is to build something more significant and increase abundance in all areas of our lives.  We help each other advance, allowing space for professional development and personal growth.

Science shows that when a group of aligned people communicate and regularly hold each other accountable to the group; individual success and accomplishment increases by 83%

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