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Energy Healing Through Marconics - We Have a Choice: Two Paths of Evolution

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

energy healing through marconics

There are divergent paths of evolution; one is an authentic God-realized ascension, the other is a technological path to a transhuman agenda.

Not everyone is choosing a God-realized ascension path into 5D and there are a multitude of reasons why—including free will and soul contracts. However, there is also the matter that inorganic frequencies are being used to deliberately interfere with activations of dormant DNA and many Lightworkers are not aware of this.

These DNA activations are necessary if we are to be a vibrational match to the higher dimensional bandwidths they want to align with (a Jacob’s Ladder style of ascension).

Activating this spiritual DNA assists in healing the harmonic templates that make up the emotional and mental etheric bodies. As each layer is healed, we are then able to climb another rung on the ascension ladder.

These harmonic templates have been damaged and contain distortions (implants and reversed programs), density (low fear-based emotions) and karma (memories we’ve accumulated through each reincarnation cycle that we’ve attached emotion to) and all requires healing. The human experience on the karma wheel has completed and much of the human collective is shifting—by choice—into a hybrid cyborg era, through a merger of man and AI in the transhuman agenda. This is a different form of evolution and is not the same as authentic God-realized ascension.

Marconics is an Ascension Energy Healing modality that accelerates the process of clearing karma and releasing density deemed necessary to meet the requirements of organic ascension.

Marconics practitioners are the shepherds of the ascension for those who are able to make it to the next level.

Through an attunement of a Marconics ‘Quantum Recalibration,’ we can harness divinely directed energy from the cosmos, targeted to release humans from the density, enslavement and fear of their karmic creations and bring them into physical merger with multiple levels of higher consciousness, in the shift to becoming fully integrated, multi-dimensional, sovereign beings.


Robin Landau, Marconics Master Teacher, is here to assist others on their ascension. She can be reached at 516-369-3653 or For more information, visit

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