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Are You Ready to Awaken to Remember Who You Are and Why You Are Here? Find Your Life's Purpose

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

a tree with light shining through to indicate an awakening and realization or epiphany about your life

The collective is waking up as the veils are thinning; a lot of disclosure is occurring around religion, politics, the media, and more. This shaking of the tree is not only to get our attention around global events, but also to force us to look at the narratives and core beliefs that have influenced our life choices. There has never been a more important time in Human history to ask ourselves what is true for us personally (even if it differs from the narratives of others) and honor that truth.

We are all born with a profound forgetting; it's like the slate is wiped clean as we come down the birth canal into this Earth experience. Our best laid plans are ready for our Soul growth experience here and the stage is set perfectly. The actors are all in place as we come to center stage. Our masterpiece designed by us, for us prior to our arrival here, is about to commence!

We've prepared ourselves for this incredible life experience, making sure all the tools and gifts we might need are tucked safely within, and with a great exhale, life on Earth begins. Things go a bit sideways as we take the lessons we painstakingly placed along our path and turn them into lifelong patterns and deeply personal emotional wounds. Instead of healing we create resistance and armor up our hearts. We forget that the entire exercise was to remind us to love ourselves and remember who we are and be who we are meant to be!

Each heartbreak and wound guides us back to our truth, to self-realization, self-love, and healing, but most people, quickly turned it into a pain and survival story. I have seen many clients who are giants as souls, magnificent, powerful beings fall victim to the BS programming here on Earth. The level of difficulty stepping into our power and purpose was extreme. It has been extremely hard to return to our true essence with our Ego mind self-sabotaging and planting limiting beliefs in our minds.

This is a time of deep introspection and revelation. Current events around us and within our own lives are forcing us to get back into our bodies to FEEL the truth. In the past we have thought our way through life, but the Ego in that driver's seat must step aside. Truth is a vibration, when we lean into what our energy is saying and then align with that in thought and action, we have found our authentic power. Like a fine-tuned instrument, the more we follow that inner compass and make the aligned choices that support our wellbeing, the more empowered we become.

When we clear and release the old stories, heal emotional wounds, and become an open container to receive higher guidance and intuition, clarity comes in. So much higher intervention has been offered to Humanity at this time both seen and unseen to activate our gifts and tap into Source. I'm talking about Source, divinity, and the light within your Soul.

We are currently activating the reconnection of our Human Self and our true essence which brings more innate knowing. The emotional clearings create a pathway for stronger connection to our higher selves. Density falls away, and revelations come forward. A life with more flow and inner peace/ease comes from holding ourselves in alignment with higher frequency and truth. Our true purpose is to be the highest versions of ourselves in all things. Only then are we fully empowered and Sovereign in our being.

Here is a quote from my book "Finding the Path of Me":

“To reach this far into our being and anchor ourselves so beautifully into our soul is a gift unmatched by anything any Human has ever done. Embrace the God particle within and create the divine expression of you here on Earth. This is transcendence, this is the offering, this is our gift to ourselves.”

May you all find the courage to separate from the ties that bind you and return to the sacred remembrance of who you are and why you are here.


Find your life's purpose.

Wendy Hutchinson is an intuitive Ascension Coach, public speaker, and writer. You can learn more about her services here: and she can be found on social media and contacted via the links below.

Check out Wendy's book, "Finding the Path of Me" through the links below:

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