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What is Freedom? Are You Free?

freedom to be yourself

After reflecting on that word for few months and experiencing it firsthand, I came to the conclusion that I am actually free now. I am living it day by day while being grateful for breathing the fresh air and not take anything for granted. I am enjoying every single step I take, every move I make and appreciating every moment!

Ten years ago I wrote an inspirational book called " Freedom to be" based on acronyms of emotions.

Freedom is right here right now.


To me, Freedom stands for:

F ocus, forgive yourself and others. Have faith that everything will always work out and that the universe has your back without a doubt.

R elax, release and reflect on being grateful for the little things in life. Do not sweat the small stuff and try not to take things personally.

E xperience and visualize that life is already working out and empower yourself and others to have the best day despite any obstacles and challenges. Turn those challenges into opportunities and gifts.

E nvision that your life is beautiful and that the world was created for you. Things are happening for you not to you.

D o not entertain any negative thought for more than 10 seconds. Let it go and let God. Let go of should do this and have to do that! Accept what is and what life has to offer. You are doing the best you can and your best is awesome.

O bserve yourself and correct any action that seems misaligned with your values. Observe the energy of your words and make it positive.

M anifest your intentions through believing in yourself. Live in the present moment, not in the past or the future.

As a neuro change practitioner with a specialty in time management and mind management, do not hesitate to book a free discovery call to help you reach your potential and have a taste what freedom can be for you.

You may call me at 646-642-2600 or email me at You may also order my book, "Freedom To Be" here:


Written by Leah Iny

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